One producer collective. One garage. One passion: moving pictures.

We are not one company. But with our two internal editing suites and arsenal of state-of-the-art cameras – from Alexa to FS7 and 4K drones – we have the capacity to execute large-scale productions.

From the idea to the broadcast-ready product, we originate documentaries, reportage, magazine-show contributions (Magazinbeiträge) , advertising and image films and online video content.

Every product leaving our garage has an extensive background development process. Our strong qualities as independent producers are what unify us. But that simply isn’t enough these days. TV channels and media houses demand content quicker. As a collective we are better placed to meet these demands. Because the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.



Kölner Platz 1 Haus 29

80804 München

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